The Ultimate Lottie Dolls Christmas Wishlist

Yes, it's that time of year again when children sit down to write their Santa list's, so we at Lottie Dolls thought we could give a helping hand this year to outline the ULTIMATE Lottie, Finn & Friends Christmas Wishlist!

Choosing a perfect gift can prove challenging, or downright stressful, but fear not because this year – with loads of new amazing additions to their range – the team at Lottie Dolls might just be able to offer a solution!

Obviously top of the Lottie List this year is our brand new Lottie Buildings! The Stables and Treehouse are chock full of play value, with loads of amazing features and sturdy enough for lots of little hands to get involved in the fun!

The Stables has our signature colourful scalloped roof, which is removable to access the inside of the building. It has a traditional barn door, loads of room for horses and riding equipment, and fences which can be used as a paddock or for show-jumping! 

Combine the Stables with Pony Club (which is both the doll and pony!) along with Sirius the Welsh Mountain Pony for hours of horse-riding fun!

If you're looking for further suitable additions to this amazing line up - Wildlife Photographer Mia is kitted out in sturdy, weatherproof clothing who would be the perfect companion for Pony Club Lottie as she is animal and nature crazy! The Bee Yourself Outfit would also be a great addition for your outdoorsey kids if they have to muck out every now and again.

The Treehouse is the ultimate Lottie hideout - featuring an amazing bright green slide and a cool rope ladder leading to a secret trap door - kids will get hours of fun out of this latest addition to the Lottie range! 

Of course, what's a Treehouse without loads of friends to play in it? We think Muddy Puddles Lottie would LOVE this cool hideout. Kite Flyer Finn would of course love to join in the fun too - just think of how high his kite can fly from the balcony of the treehouse! They are both dressed in warm, tactile clothing for hours of outdoors playtime!

The Treehouse is also the perfect place for Junior Reporter Sammi to catch up on what's new with his friends, which he can write about for the Branksea School Newspaper and Always Artsy can practice her drawing - there is room for everyone.

If you're looking to add loads of play value to your current Lottie collection, be sure to check out the brand new Campfire Fun  and the Canoe Adventure playsets also - featuring loads of amazing cool accessories!


The Lottie, Finn & Friends range has something for everyone :)

- Happy Christmas from Team Lottie x


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