Five Reasons Why Lottie


1) Would you like to empower your children?

All our new toys are based on the ideas sent to us by children for our monthly “Inspired by Real Kids” competitions. Eight of our toys – and counting - have been based on ideas sent to us by kids from all over the world. At 7.5” in height, Lottie Dolls are perfectly portable making them a wonderful companion for children, wherever their adventures take them.


2) Would you like to spark their imaginations and encourage their curiosity? 

In a world full of tech-based toys and prescriptive play, the deliberately low-tech Lottie range helps stimulate young imaginations. Our first building – a tree-house – was painstakingly designed so that, in play, it can become whatever children want it to become. And our STEM themed dolls – like Fossil-Hunter and Robot Girl – help open up new worlds for children.


3) Would you like to encourage your children to play outside more? 

Many of our dolls – like Autumn Leaves and Muddy Puddles - are warmly dressed, ready to brave the elements. We have lots of play-sets that encourage outdoor play from fishing to body-boarding, from pony-riding to canoeing, from kite-flying to camping.


4) Would you like to see toys that represent ALL children?

We have six characters in our range to reflect a balanced mix of gender, ethnicity and ability. Mia the Wildlife Photographer was the world’s first doll with a cochlear implant. And did you know that Lottie Dolls’ bodies are based on those of 9-year-old kids? The bodies of many dolls are based on 18-to-35-year-old women. And the message we’re sending out? Let kids be kids. Because childhood is precious. And it’s short.


5) Would you love your children to have the confidence to dream big dreams?

Precious moments spent in exploration and invention, in childhood, will lay the foundations for incredible achievements in adulthood. Our Stargazer doll spent 264 days on the International Space Station with ESA Astronaut Tim Peake. With Lottie Dolls, the sky really is the limit!

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