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Team Lottie

To apply, first read the job description: 

Ecommerce Digital Sales & Marketing Executive 

Then send your CV/Resume, along with a brief intro, to HR @

Ecommerce Digital Sales & Marketing Executive Role

Join us at Lottie HQ!    Based in Letterkenny, Donegal, on the North-West coast of Ireland, Team Lottie is made up of people who are passionate about preserving the magic...

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Taylor Richardson

Aspiring Astronaut, Meet 12 Year Old Taylor - teaching us to dream big!

Taylor with her own special Stargazer Lottie Doll!   Many girls have inspired Lottie, and Lottie is inspired by many girls! Time to hear from an aspiring astronaut by the...

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Diy Desk Template

  Download the template

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Lottie is Out of this World with Astronaut Dr Niamh Shaw

Dr. Niamh Shaw, Ireland's leading space explorer has returned from another Mars adventure, and as ever, Stargazer Lottie joined her on her mission    Niamh travelled to the Negev desert in...

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