Let Toys Be Toys - Lottie Dolls Challenging Established Categories!

The Let Toys Be Toys campaign came together online, and grew quickly, tapping into a growing sense of frustration among many parents and educators at the casual sexism of labelling...

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Zoe's Lottie Themed 5th Birthday Party

One of our amazing Lottie superfans, Zoe Lennon (5 years old) had a Forest Friend themed birthday party last weekend - how amazing is that? We caught up with Zoe's...

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Our Winners of the Lottie Dolls & Irish Fairy Doors Bumper Bundle!

Congratulations to our Lottie Dolls and Irish Fairy Door Winner – Maria Devenny! Our draw took place on Easter Monday (17th April).   Thanks to mum Maria for the photos...

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Astronaut Abby & the #TrainLikeAMartian Challenge - Join in from 22nd - 26th May

Abigail Harrison aka Astronaut Abby dreams of being the first astronaut to reach Mars, and is such an inspiration to us here at Lottie HQ. She is the founder of...

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Amy Huberman Fan of Irish Designed Lottie Dolls

Irish, Donegal designed Lottie Doll was in good company this morning, as she had the chats with Irish actress and author, the wonderful Amy Huberman!  Casual Friday sartorial chats. She's...

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