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About Lottie

Our VIsion

Our Vision

With the creation of our first Lottie doll, our vision was to develop a range of dolls and accessories that would empower children:

We celebrate childhood, at Lottie Dolls, and we celebrate kids.In all their glorious and heart-warming and life-affirming diversity.

  • to be themselves
  • to play – imaginatively and adventurously
  • to have fun!

Inspired by Kids

Kids inspire us every day.

  • Kids who refuse to be put into boxes.
  • Kids who aren’t going to wait until they’ve grown up, to change the world.
  • Kids who’ve decided that the moment is now!

We want to encourage all kids – regardless of gender, ability or ethnicity - to follow all their dreams.

“Business impacts children. And therefore, we must let children impact business.” At Lottie Dolls HQ, we couldn’t agree more with the King of Sweden.

Inspired by Real Kids
Treasuring Childhood moments

Treasuring Childhood Moments

We recognize how precious childhood is. And in the face of growing pressure – from a variety of sources – how short it can be. At Lottie Dolls, we like to think of childhood as a safe and uncomplicated place where:

  • kids can be kids
  • the great outdoors is there for the exploring
  • curiosity-led discoveries are a daily occurrence
  • the imagination can run free
  • the only limit is bedtime!

A Potted History

Three things about Lottie


Team Lottie

Based in Donegal, on the North-West coast of Ireland, Team Lottie is made up of people – three quarters of whom are women - who are passionate about preserving the magic of childhood.

Club Lottie

Club Lottie offers members the opportunity to get even closer to Lottie, Finn and friends. Want to be the first to get exclusive sneak peeks of new Lottie offerings, get invited to enter unique fan competitions and giveaways? Members regularly receive free activity ideas for the kids in their lives to enjoy. And there are special offer codes and bundles to watch out for, too. To become a member of Club Lottie, sign-up today!