Small Business Saturday - Lottie in the Shops

Small Business Saturday - Let's Visit Our Local Shops Ahead of the Holidays!

Lottie and Finn in Wigwam Toys, Brighton UK


We are so grateful to the wonderful independent retailers all over the world who have Lottie and Finn beautifully merchandised in their unique shops, from quirky gift shops to art supply stores, garden centres, coastal stores, museum shops and fully dedicated toy shops Lottie, Finn and Friends are dotted across the world! 


Utopia, Belfast, Ireland


Small Business Saturday includes a dedicated campaign in the UK - "Small Business Saturday is entering its fourth year and organisers say it is gathering momentum. Its research suggests consumers spent 24% more with small businesses on the dedicated shopping day in 2015 compared to the previous year, and 46% of those surveyed said they “shopped small” specifically because it was Small Business Saturday." (Guardian, UK)


Crafty Kids, Letterkenny, Ireland. 


"There’s definitely a resurgence in the value of the handmade and support of independents.” 

The relationships development with retailers are so important to us, and there's the very real ability to communicate and learn from one another. Independent retailers massively support and understand Lottie and Finn's childhood orientated values, and are often impressed by the high quality used in materials and the colourful and interactive packaging.


Lottie was a 2016 Winner of the Independent Toy Awards (UK)

"Most customers love the fact that Lottie is based on a nine year old and not a twenty something with make up and heels! They like that Lottie has her feet on the ground." Honey Bowdrey and Jasmine Guinness from HoneyJam Toys. 


Honey and Jasmine, HoneyJam


"Lottie is exactly the right kind of role model I would want, not just for my own daughter, but for my customers children too. I wouldn't give sexualised dolls with unrealistic proportions to my own children and I would feel right selling them to other peoples. I want my daughter to feel comfortable in who she is, to be brave and bold, to believe in herself. At last there is a doll who sends the right messages to young girls about being themselves." Clair from Wigwam Toys




We would encourage everyone who can, to support their local small business this weekend, spending some of what's been allocated to Christmas gifts in your local shops this year could have a greater impact on the local economy. 


Team Lottie




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