#10 Back to School Tips With School Days Lottie

It's that time of year again... Are your little ones starting school or kindergarten for the first time? Or heading back to school after the Summer months? How do they feel? Excited, happy, nervous?

Most households with kids are sure to be a flurry of school preparation as well as attempts to try and squeeze as much into the last weeks of Summer as possible!

School Days LOTTIE includes 10 Leadership Tips for Girls to share with you all before school starts, so that girls can feel prepared for any classroom (or playground) situation! We've shared these great tips below, plus more fun School Days themed content to make the transition a little easier for the children in your life! 

Here is Lily (age 7) and her School Days Lottie Doll. Lily on Lottie... "She goes to school, like me!" Read more about Lily & Lottie on Living, Loving, Laughing Together. 


Starting, or going back to school is a special time for children and parents, new experiences to be had, lessons to be learned and memories made. Our School Days Lottie Doll is going back to school this September, here is a short story about her feelings on returning to school after the holidays; 

"Lottie can't decide what the best thing about going back to school is; seeing her friends, learning new topics, or meeting her new teacher, Miss Fiona. Miss Fiona encourages Lottie and her classmates to work together and to simply do their best, and reminds them that it's ok to ask for help. Lottie is determined to learn her times tables off by heart, with practice it becomes easier. In the playground Lottie is always the girl her friends come to, to think up new games and solve problems and when Lottie needs advice she turns to her special leadership cards."

Our School Days Lottie Doll includes leadership tips collector cards, which were created in collaboration with the US non-profit organisation Girls Leadership Institute, GLI provided the content for these leadership tips for girls; to inspire confidence in girls (and indeed, boys) so that they are equipped to feel comfortable, confident and competent.

GLI offer camps and workshops designed to teach girls, educators and parents the core practices of emotional intelligence, healthy relationships, and assertive self-expression. Visit GLI's website for more great resources and information on workshops, here

Recent (UK) research from the Childrens Society's Annual Good Childhood Report found that 11% of children were dissatisfied with school life. The study also reveals that children in England are particularly unhappy about their appearance. Girls came bottom in terms of their satisfaction with their appearance and self-confidence compared with girls elsewhere, with the exception of South Korea.

Lottie's vision is to empower children and encourage them to embrace individuality, enjoy childhood and embark on meaningful adventures. Lottie’s body is based on the average proportions of a 9 year old girl, developed alongside academics in the areas of child psychology and nutrition to represents a healthy view on body image. 


Lottie and Finn are all geared up for school! Picture Credit; Frugal Mom Eh! 

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We also have some Lottie themed timetables and certificates for kids, to learn and feel rewarded; download and print here!

 You can find out more about School Days Lottie here. School Days Lottie is available now! 


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