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Taylor Richardson is just 13-years old, and she is one of the most inspirational and ambitious girls we have come across during our Lottie journey so far. She aims to be the first African-American woman to go to Mars, and was one of the youngest children ever accepted to Space Camp!

Many girls have inspired Lottie, and Lottie is inspired by many girls!


Taylor is currently running a 'Go Fund Me' Fundraiser, you can find it here:

We at Lottie Dolls fully support Taylor in her fundraising efforts, and Ian has made a donation on behalf of  Lottie Dolls to support this wonderful cause :)


Taylor's aim is to raise money for her to explore all of the opportunities presented to her, for example, various summer camps, college events, speaking arrangements, etc."I have been offered more opportunities to attend various events locally and out of state to not only enhance my skill set but to bring that knowledge back to my city and continue to inspire, raise up and engage girls to LEAD in whatever they want to be."


Any additional or unused funds will be used to support other girls in similar positions, to give them the opportunity to explore the world of STEM - which we at Lottie Dolls encourage! "...Proceeds will go not only towards my travel expenses but to aid in other girls who want attend these same various STEM or empowerment programs all around the world."

Kaitlyn Ludlam, from Fleming Island High, was the recently awarded a scholarship to Space Camp! Taylor herself organised the tuition and picked Kaitlyn based on her essay application!


We are very excited to have worked with you on a very new exciting project! We're looking forward to our big reveal - stay tuned for more! :)

Keep up the amazing work Taylor!

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