Lottie Retailer Guest Blog with 'HoneyJam' - Notting Hill, London

First up in our 'Lottie in the Shops' Q&A we've got Honey Bowdrey and Jasmine Guinness from the beautiful HoneyJam toy shop, London.

This section will celebrate our wonderful independent retailers, who have Lottie and Finn stocked in their unique shops all over the world! 


Honey and Jam of the lovely HoneyJam ToyShop, London.
Photo Credit: The Resident. 



Shop Name - Honeyjam
Shop Location - 2 Blenheim Crescent, London, W11- just off Portobello Road. 
Shop Contact - www.honeyjam.co.uk or 


Describe your shop in three words; Nostalgic, traditional and fun! 


What appeals to you when searching for the perfect toy? 

Honey and Jam -

The perfect toy not only has to appeal to us as mums and Dads (as in we are happy to live with it cluttering up our house because it is great to look at!)  but also to our kids as it is great to play with for a long time. Play value is something we think is really important, we are bored of toys that kids get bored with after a day or so. 


What do you love about Lottie and Finn? 

Honey and Jam- We love that they are based on kids and not adults. It really helps kids that their imaginative play is not based on some grown up scenario but is all about karate, being a pirate, walking in muddy puddles or ballet! Not wanting to grow up before they have had fun! And they have bendy knees! Very important!


Tell us about your favourite childhood memory; 


Jam- I used to love walking up the fields with my Dad on the farm where we lived in Ireland. The sights and smells were always changing and there was always something to learn about. I also loved bringing all my dolls swimming in the stream by our cottage and imagining it was a tropical island...good imagination in Ireland! I think I would have loved a Lottie Doll. 


Lottie is available in HoneyJam - merchandised so beautifully!


Which Lottie/Finn is your favourite and why? 

Jam- I love the pirate Lottie as she is based on the Irish pirate queen, Grace O'Malley! I also love the accessories she comes with and I want a grown up pair of her boots!


Honey- My favourite is Rock a Billy as she is so cool and has the best outfit!


Any interesting remarks on Lottie from customers; 

Most customers love the fact that Lottie is based on a nine year old and not a twenty something with make up and heels! They like that Lottie has her feet on the ground.


What Lottie/Finn doll accessories would you like to see? 

Jam- I would love a Marine Biologist Lottie! Her accessories would be brilliant!


Honey-  How about a roller disco Lottie or a chemist?


What makes your shop, different? 

Our customer service is very important to us and our lovely shop assistants are very knowledgeable about our products. And of course we have the best edit of toys for miles around!


How did you get started in the toy industry? 

We didn't see any toy shops that inspired us. Now there are lots which is great!


Finish this sentence; Childhood is "...the best years of your life!"


 If you would like to feature on our Lottie Independent Retailer Q&A please email sales@arklu.com we would be delighted to share your story! 

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