Lottie Fan Friday! Meet Sophia, The Six-Year-Old Philanthropist

Our Lottie Fan Friday today celebrates an amazing girl called Sophia!

Sophia is a huge Lottie fan. Sophia recently started making beaded safety pins 'Sophia's Safety Pins'  to sell, to support the ACLU inspired by the 'safety pin' movement. 

Sophia and her Autumn Leaves Lottie!


Sophia (with some help from Mum!) completed our Lottie Fan Friday Interview!

From: Pennsylvania, USA 

Sophia's Hobbies; Fashion, Writing Stories, Discovering Nature

Sophia's Hero(s); JK Rowling, Her Nan and Pop, Wonder Woman

What Makes Sophia Special; She always cares about others. She is making safety pins and selling them to people all over the world to help them feel safe. (And she's donating her profits to help others, too!)

Which Lottie is Sophia Most Like; Sophia is most like Stargazer Lottie because she's always looking for a new discovery.

What would Sophia's Dream Lottie or Finn Doll be? Butterfly Lottie

Describe Sophia in three words; Clever, compassionate, cute!

 "Childhood is..." a time to explore!

Sophia and her brother hard at work! 


Check out Sophias SafetyPins on Facebook and her Etsy shop.

(She's sold out at the moment and will continue selling this weekend, shipping internationally) https://www.etsy.com/shop/SophiasSafetyPins?ref=hdr_shop_menu

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