Lottie Fan Friday - Meet Six-Year-Old Fossil Hunter Charlotte (Lottie!)

Our Lottie Fan Friday this week celebrates six-year old fossil fan, the incredible Charlotte - Lottie! Lottie's interest in science and paleontology is inspiring, and she counts the women behind Trowelblazers as her role models!



Lottie's Mum, Jem; 

Charlotte recently turned 6 and received her fossil hunter Lottie for her birthday. Lottie has a passion for paleontology, she loves to read and write stories and watches many programs related to dinosaurs and fossil dig sites. Lottie is self motivated to learn and explore, sadly it has been suggested to Charlottie that playing with dirt, learning about dinosaurs and dreaming about making a famous discovery is for boys not little girls... As her parents we reject this and encourage her passion. The Lottie doll led us to TrowelBlazers which opened her eyes to the many fantastic women who work in the archaeologist, geologist and paleontologist fields and the women who have a long history in these fields, this has encouraged her to continue with her dream to study paleontology. Thank you for inspiring my little girl.


From - Surrey U.K.

Hobbies - Exploring, studying fossils, reading, writing my blog, visiting museums and Dancing.

Hero (s) -  Mary Anning and Beatrix potter.

What Makes You Special - I have a good memory and love to learn!! I can remember over 70 species of dinosaur and many facts of each including what they ate, bone structures and which period of the Mesozoic era they are from.


Charlotte in her element, with Fossil Hunter Lottie! 

Which Lottie Are You Most Like - Fossil Hunter Lottie!

Your favourite Lottie or Finn Doll? Other than fossil hunter Lottie who I love, it would be muddy puddles Lottie. 

Describe yourself in three words; compassionate, cheeky and unique! 

Finish this sentence; "Childhood is..." ...a time to grow confident with love, play and encouragement.


Thank you Lottie!

If you would like to take part in Lottie Fan Friday, please email bloggers@lottie.com 


For more on the fantastic Trowelblazers team, please visit; http://trowelblazers.com/ 

TrowelBlazers’ newest collaboration after Fossil Hunter Lottie is Raising Horizons, with photographer Leonora Saunders.

A traveling exhibition of portraits of contemporary women scientists posed as their historic forebears, Raising Horizons will bring to life two centuries of hidden women’s history. 


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