Kid Inventors Day - Meet Allie, Inspiration Behind Robot Girl Lottie

Kid Inventors Day is a day to encourage children to think outside of the box and come up with innovative and fun designs and creations! Kids view the world from a curious perspective and often come up with groundbreaking and refreshing ideas! 

Take good-friend of Lottie's and the inspiration behind Robot Girl and Busy Lizzie, Allie Weber! Find out Allie's amazing Inventor story, below... 

Allie Weber Robot
Pictured; Allie and her recycled robot from Kara's Creative Place (blog since closed, content still live


Allie (then aged six!) from Sioux Falls, SD, USA, impressively built a robot from recycled household items for her school science fair, and this (as seen on her Mom, Kara's blog post) inspired one of our first STEM dolls and accessories; Robot Girl Lottie and Busy Lizzie Robot!


Allie Weber Makers Fair STEM girls.

Pictured: Mini Maker Allie at the Omaha Maker Faire with Robot Girl and Busy Lizzie. 



Our STEM Lottie collection aims to promote and cultivate that interest in robotics, engineering and science in a fun and engaging way! We know that girls love science, but this is often underrepresented. 

Allie has continues to invent and design today, we caught up with Allie and her Mom Kara who keep us up to date with Allie's achievements and activities; 

"...I think everyone has the ability to make and create and we can learn from each other and collaborate to make the things we make even better. I don’t like to try to be like anyone else, I like to do things in a new way building upon the ideas other’s share with me, but I enjoy sharing my ideas and inventions with others too and see what they do as well. I do this at Maker Faires, at Expos, by meeting new people. I can’t choose one person as an inspiration, everyone I meet adds some new idea from what they show me. I am inspired by everyone from the random guy who posts a fun project on Youtube, or some great inventor that shares new technology in Make Magazine. They are all cool!"


Pictured; Allie and the Goal-rilla soccer helper invention.

"...My latest award-winning invention is the Goal-rilla soccer helper. It is a pendulum style soccer trainer that encourages people to aim for the goal corners just like in realistic game play. In my research I have not found anyone else who has use the pendulum style idea for a soccer trainer. It hooks to the top goal post and swings back and forth. It was originally designed to help coaches and goalies to stay safer during a practice. I was finding many of my teammates didn’t want to take full on shots on our own goal keeper during practice in fear that we might injure them. The number of shots they take on in a game is much lower than in a practice. Practice on an open goal is not much of a challenge either, so my friend and I invented a Goal-rilla. The name came from the swinging action, it reminded me of a monkey and the play on words came from that. I got an honorable mention in the Spark Lab Invent-it challenge for this invention that is sponsored by the Smithsonian."



Aside from inventing, Allie's hobbies include sports (tennis and soccer) and reading, truly a girl after Lottie's heart!

"...This is my first year playing soccer for a local club team, and I also take tennis lessons in the summertime and play in tournaments. I also read. A LOT! I read really fast so I have read LOTS of books. It is sometimes hard for the school Librarian to suggest one that I have not already read because I have read so many books."

Check out Allie's inventor adventures; "My favorite website is and I have a large portfolio of my projects on there. My DIY name is Robot Maker Girl."

Send your creations and inventions to and let us know how you are celebrating Kid Inventors Day 2016! 


Kid Inventors Day


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