Astronaut Chris Hadfield Tweets Support for Stargazer Lottie and Abigail!

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield sent an encouraging tweet in support of Stargazer Lottie Doll and the designer and inspiration; six year old Abigail! 



Commander Chris Hadfield is undoubtedly Abigail's hero, so the news of his joy at watching Abigail's story is sure to have made this six year old fellow Canadian's day!

Chris Hadfield, Lottie Dolls, Stargazer

Abigail 0:47; “He’s my hero, he went up into space and I had to ask him if he saw any meteorites!”


Earlier this year, Lottie became the 'first doll in space'; and British ESA Astronaut Tim Peake tweeted a photo of Stargazer Lottie in the cupola of the International Space Station. 



We cannot wait to see more of Stargazer Lottie's adventures!

Check out the story of Abigail, and Lottie in Space in this incredible short film by Elena Rossini.



Spread the word to inspire a new generation of stargazers and astronomers!


Team Lottie!



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