First Doll in Space Fans Welcome Home ESA Astronaut Tim Peake!

What an adventure it's been, how one little girl's imagination led to the creation of her dream doll and how that doll, Stargazer Lottie launched into history to become the 'first doll in space' alongside British ESA Astronaut, Tim Peake! 

 Sometimes I look up and think…maybe I could go up there one day…or could I somehow see what’s up there” -Abigail, the inspiration behind Stargazer Lottie. 


Six-year-old Abigail has designed Stargazer Lottie doll, the doll which traveled to the International Space Station with British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake, who will make his return to Earth on Saturday the 18th of June. The ‘Stargazer’ Lottie doll is a collaboration with the European Space Agency, and was created by Irish toy company, Arklu; Lottie spent six months on the International Space Station alongside Tim Peake on the Principia mission, inspiring children all over the world to learn about their astronomy adventure. Tim was the first British Astronaut to reach the international space station, as well as the first British astronaut to complete a space walk! 


lottie dolls

We imagined Lottie's life on the International Space Station! 


 Lottie was lucky enough to feature in a tweet from Tim Peake, to his 787k following! 


The most exciting part was the feedback from children and parents all over the world who followed the journey, and sent us letters, videos and photos throughout Tim's mission! Tim Peake said of his own social media communication during his time on the ISS; "I use social media to bring as many people as possible with me on board mission Principia, here I can share the beauty of our planet and the science behind space exploration." and with Lottie's involvement, we felt we were able to join in on Tim's mission to inspire a new generation of Stargazers and STEM heroes! 


Tim Peake Welcome Home

Lottie fans all over the world #WelcomeHomeTim


Tim Peake Welcome Home

Tim Peake shared life on the International Space Station during #Principia mission// ESA

Welcome Home Tim Peake

Lottie and Finn Fans got involved in the homecoming!



Welcome Home Tim, what a wonderful adventure it's been!



Lottie Team! 

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