Celebrate Childhood with Lottie dolls: By Children, for Children.

An important part of what makes Lottie Dolls special is that they celebrate childhood. Children have the ability to look at the world from an innocent and unique point of view, see all of the countless possibilities available to them; and be open and honest about how they would like to learn, play and communicate!

For children, the world is full of wonder and discovery; each day is exciting and a chance to explore new and different adventures - looking at life through the eyes of a child diminishes limitations and encourages difference, which is something all of us can embrace!  


Lottie Dolls Designed By Real Kids

Pictured; Six of the Lottie and Finn Dolls and Accessories Inspired By Real Girls (2015). 


Five real girls from all over the world have had their designs and ideas inspire Lottie Dolls, we are so thrilled to have such loyal and engaged mini-innovators, that we have decided to make it part of an ongoing brand policy! It is our promise to ensure that a proportion of the Lottie doll and accessory development from here on, will be kid-sourced - we are looking for ideas from girls and boys all over the world to help us spread Lottie's powerful message! 



                                                                                         Lottie's tag-line. 


So, we (Arklu, the company behind Lottie Dolls) invite children to submit innovative, original, and creative ideas to be considered as future doll or outfit packs via Club Lottie and our Monthly Outfit Design Competition.

As part of this new company policy, Arklu/Lottie Dolls will donate 1 percent of net revenues to a chosen children’s charity; this equates to almost 10% of total profits, and will come from the carefully selected ideas submitted to the toy company, by kids, which are later brought to production.


Stargazer Lottie Doll

Pictured; Abigail (age 6) Canada on CTV News with Stargazer Lottie; born of Abigail's imagination!


Giving children the chance to create their own dolls, not only empowers them to have their voice heard and imagination brought to life; but, enables children to be themselves, and see their personalities reflected in doll-form. Let children be children, enjoy their childhood and play with toys that stimulate their minds and have a positive impact on their body image.


What Makes Lottie Different? 

Lottie is an alternative ‘pro girl’ doll for children, a positive take on childhood – she doesn’t wear make-up, jewellery or high heels and she can stand on her own two feet (...always a useful life skill for all girls, big and small!) She has soft, strokable hair and colourful clothes with high quality, quirky details.


Superhero Lottie Outfit Set

 Pictured; Lily (age 6) Ohio, USA with Superhero Lottie Outfit Set, Lily's design brought to life last year! 


Unlike other fashion dolls, Lottie’s body is also properly ‘childlike.’ Developed alongside leading British academics, Lottie’s body is based upon the proportions of a nine-year-old girl. Lottie’s many adventures, from ballet, getting muddy outdoors and imaginative play to stargazing, fossil-hunting, horse-riding and robot building, have all been inspired by children.

Lottie is all about letting children be themselves, not growing up too quickly, and presenting a healthy view on body image. 


Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll

Pictured; Olivia (age 8) UK and Fossil Hunter Lottie which was inspired by Olivia's detailed outfit design. 


How To Submit Your Lottie Design?  

Entries are open to Club Lottie members only, entry to Club Lottie is free, simply complete the sign up form below!

Arklu/Lottie Dolls will select winners sporadically throughout the year, all final decisions on how a project for a Lottie/Finn product, including the final design, applicable licenses, production run size, sales channels; are made by Lottie Dolls.

Once the winner is announced, it generally takes about six months to design the final product and box, create building instructions, produce it in the factory, ship the sets to distribution centres around the world, and have them available on the shelves to buy, however Lottie Dolls cannot guarantee product launch timeframes.

What are you waiting for? Sign up to Club Lottie, submit a design template and don't stop sharing your incredible ideas for the meaningful, creative and individual dolls and accessories you want to see on the shelves!


Join Club Lottie



Team Lottie. 

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  • ‘Handicapped’ dolls would be great, using wheelchairs, etc.

    Christine Baker on
  • Love love LOVE your Lottie dolls! Please make more outfits that we can buy without dolls inside them. We need more outfits than dolls please, dressing them up is half the fun! Thanks :-)

    Laura Farminer on
  • Love your dolls and would like to see more outfit sets available. You also need to produce some outfits for the boy doll, i.e. Superhero, pirate, beach outfit, party outfit, etc.

    Donna Wallace on
  • My 8year old grandaughter loves the lottie doll. I brought her two she played so much with them that I brought her another two. Lovely little girl dolls.

    Carol Jones on

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