(CLOSED) We want YOUR ideas of Lottie's First Words in Space!

Enter the #LottieInSpace Video Competition!

Ever wondered what Lottie's first words in space might be? Have an amazing idea? Read on to find out more!


Winner contacted and announced in January 2016! Thanks again to all of the entrants! 



    #LottieInSpace Competition! Meet Mia (age 5) Donegal, Ireland - telling us what she thinks Lottie's first words in space...

    Posted by LOTTIE on Tuesday, November 3, 2015


    What? Lottie needs your help, calling all creative, imaginative and quirky stargazers – time for your voice to be heard! Send your #LottieInSpace video to us TODAY!

    (Competition Closes 20th December 2015!)

    1. Submit Your Simple Video! Why not use your smartphone to capture your child's clip! Simple!
    2. Short & Sweet! Keep the video anywhere between 20 seconds and 2minutes in length. 
    3. Tell us YOUR idea of what Lottie's first words in space might be! 

    How? Entering the #LottieInSpace competition couldn't be any easier - you can; 

      • Post your clip on Facebook - use #LottieInSpace - Tag Lottie Dolls - Set post to 'public. 
      • Nominate a friend to help spread Lottie's messages from space!

      Why? Neil Armstrong, on becoming the first person to set foot onto another planetary body on July 20, 1969, radioed back to Earth, "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind."

      “If Lottie were to visit space, what would her first words be to inspire kids back on earth?”





      The Winner of the #LottieInSpace competition will receive a Stellar Prize Pack which Includes:

      A Special Stargazer Lottie Doll signed by the first European Women in Space, Claudie Haigneré.

      A Galileoscope - the high-quality telescope kit created by astronomers, optical engineers, and science educators.

      Their very own star via Adopt a Star! 

      $100 worth of Lottie dolls!




      Stargazer Lottie has been gazing longingly into outer space, she needs YOUR help to imagine what she might say, if her dream adventure became a reality!

      We want to hear your idea of Lottie’s first words in space, share your video –  to show us how you want to communicate Lottie’s first words in space! The more original the better!


      Stargazer Lottie is a relatable doll based on a 9 year old child; and inspired by a real girl with a true love of astronomy – Abigail (age 6, Victoria, B.C, Canada) With your help, LOTTIE wants to show the world that girls can achieve anything they set their minds to! Stargazer Lottie was created in partnership with the European Space Agency, developed to celebrate women in astronomy and inspire girls to reach for the stars!


      For more on the competition and the terms and conditions visit our competitions page

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