[DIY] How create clothes for your Lottie ?

The French blogger LilieJoueMamanBricole created a tutorial to make winter cap, a scarf and a snood. Beginners can make this easily too !


Photo from Lilijouemamanbricole


 We’ll show you a step-by-step to create these lovely accessories.


 Material :


- 3.5 wool

- Needle

- Glue Stick gun

- Some tassels


For winter cap :




  • Mount 21 mesh on your needle
  • Tricote 3 rows in rib 1/1
  • Knit 7 rows in stocking st
  • Pass a needle (with the strand of the thread of the last stitch) in all stitches and tighten.
  • Put your knit on the wrong side and with the rest of the thread, sew the sides.
  • Glue the tassel with the gun.


VARIANT : You can make a hat with 20 stitches on 11 rows by knitting all over the place.


For a scarf :
  • Pick up 7 sts and knit in stocking sts on 93 rows.
  • Make fringes with bits of wool.


For a snood :



  • Cast on 8 sts and knit 35 rows


So what do you think about it ? Don’t hesitate to post your creation on social media with the hashtag #LottieCreation

Thank you very much to Catherine, the blogger, for her excellent work. 


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