About Arklu

Arklu logoArklu is a young and innovative award-winning toy company, with the dynamic team of Lucie Follett and Ian Harkin at the helm.

We first came to prominence in April 2011 with the launch of our first product, the Princess Catherine Engagement Doll.
Inspired by Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton, the doll was dressed and accessorised by leading British designers, with a donation from each doll to the charity 'Help For Heroes'. Praised for its emphasis on promoting “British Style”, the collectible, limited edition Princess Catherine Engagement Doll received significant global press coverage and went on to sell out in the UK and USA.

This success was swiftly followed by the Royal Wedding Dolls; the Princess Catherine Wedding Doll and Prince William Wedding Doll in August 2011. Again, a donation from each set went to charity, this time to the RNLI, and the limited edition dolls sold out.

From this strong start we then spent 18 months of development on a new doll brand ‘Lottie™’ and this involved extensive research with kids, parents, retailers, industry experts and academics.
We set out to create something unique; an age-appropriate, realistic doll that is great fun for children - both boys and girls - to play with.

We worked hard to incorporate some strong core values and principles into our development and you can read about these on the “For Parents” page.
Our philosophy is simple: we want to create dolls and products that are lovely, fun and educational, that give childhood back to children and offer great value to parents too.