Lottie In Space

Tim Peake Sends Word from Lottie in Space!

While exhibiting Lottie Dolls at the BTHA London Toy Fair earlier this week when we received an exciting tweet, all the way from the International Space Station!  ESA British Astronaut,...

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Kid Inventors Day - Meet Allie, Inspiration Behind Robot Girl Lottie

Kid Inventors Day is a day to encourage children to think outside of the box and come up with innovative and fun designs and creations! Kids view the world from...

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Stargazer Lottie In Space

Lottie First Doll in Space - Designed by 6 year old Abigail.

"First doll in space designed by 6 year old girl travels to the International Space Station with British ESA astronaut Tim Peake" This shortfilm (4min58s) 'Lottie In Space' features six-year-old...

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Lottie Dolls Designed By Real Kids

By Kids, For Kids: Lottie Dolls commit to continued development of crowdsourced design, following success of 5 kid-inspired products!

An important part of what makes Lottie Dolls special, is that they celebrate childhood. Children have the ability to look at the world from an innocent and unique point of...

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Boy Dolls for Girls and Boys. Finn Boy Doll by Lottie Dolls

International Men's Day - Celebrate with Finn!

Happy International Men's Day 2015! Celebrate the great men and boys in your life!    Eli & Finn and their adventures in Australia! Credit; Living Loving Laughing Together Blog.   ...

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