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Great Gift Ideas for Kids

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Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas for Kids


    • Where can I purchase Lottie? 

  • Lottie dolls can be purchased on
  • Please also use the store locator for local retailer details.

    • What size is Lottie?

    Lottie is 7.5 inches (18cm tall). Lottie’s height is based on the proportions of the average nine-year-old girl and was developed alongside academics in the areas of child psychology and nutrition.
    This smaller height has the added value of reduced environmental impact (smaller packaging/less shipping and storage space).

    • What materials are used to compose Lottie products?

    All materials are compliant with international toy testing standards and the individual state standards within the USA. We use mainly ABS and vinyl plastic. The PVC used in our products does not contain Phthalates. We have performed the necessary testing including the American (ASTM 973) State specific (CA Prop 65) and European toy testing standards (EN71) to check for lead in the products, and have ensured they are lead-free.

    • Are Lottie products Eco-Friendly?

    We choose natural fabric (mainly cottons in the clothing) where we possibly can, which is a more costly decision, but one which has a more positive effect on the environment.
    Our packaging has been designed to limit the amount of blister plastic, and we encourage the reuse of our packaging. We have drastically reduced the number of plastic wire ties in our packaging.

    • Will there be more Lottie/Finn Hair Types? 

    We are currently working on a diversity project to include different hairstyles, skin tones and so on. It's really important to us that we get this right so we're currently undertaking an in-depth research project to get insights about inclusion. The product development process is likely to be a lengthy one but by joining Club Lottie, you'd be one of the very first to hear about any new launches.


    • Are there plans for a boy doll in the Lottie range?

    Parents expressed a desire to Arklu, for the option of a ‘wholesome’ boy doll that their sons can relate to on a real life level; an antithesis to the violence and aggression typically marketed to boys.
  • Finn, the boy doll, is a doll that parents of young boys have been crying out for! Finn has been designed as a playtime buddy that boys can relate to. He looks like a boy, with a realistic, healthy childlike body shape, and promotes wholesome play values too; no guns or violence in sight. See here Finn boy doll.

    • How do I enter the Lottie competitions?

    We have a variety of literacy, art, and photography competitions on an ongoing basis; our monthly competitions where you can submit a Where’s Lottie photograph, or an Create Lottie outfit design entry, can be forwarded to; or or sent directly to our Facebook page.

  • Where's Lottie competition?
    Send us a photo of your child's Lottie doll being bold and brave and having adventures!
    Each month, the most interesting and imaginative photo will win a Lottie doll.
    Parents can send Where's Lottie photo entries to and don’t forget to include your child's name,age and whereabouts in the world you are.

    Lottie outfit design competition
    Each month, the most interesting and imaginative design sketch will win a Lottie doll. It’s not about ‘perfect’ sketches or designs; creativity, flair and imagination are far more important!

    Send your child's sketch and any accompanying words to explain their design thoughts and creative inspirations for the outfit to and don’t forget to include your child's name, age and whereabouts in the world you are.

    • I have an issue which Amazon/the store cannot help me with, who do I contact?

    For any queries on Lottie products please contact where a member of the team will address your issue and help you as best they can.
    • I am an independent store owner, and would like to stock Lottie, who do I contact?

    Please see information for retailers
    • I am a journalist and would like PR information about Lottie, who do I contact?

  • Contact us:
  • We respond as quickly as possible to requests from members of the media for all inquiries including latest press releases, hi res images, interviews and samples for review.