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Celebrity Fans

Since our launch in 2012, each and every kind word for Lottie has made our hearts sing. Lottie has been fortunate enough to have some international celebrity support and words of encouragement!

Some notable media names identified with Lottie's childhood focused message and positive body image  - let's see what some of our famous friends have got to say about Lottie, Finn and Friends. 


Amanda Holden
TV presenter


“Lexi said to say …“I think Lottie is really cute””


“I welcome this venture which will enable parents to provide their kids with dolls created with positive body image in mind, and the message that it’s not all about looks.”

Jo Swinson MP Co-founder of the Campaign for Body Confidence

“The causes of eating disorders are complex and not yet fully determined but include genetic, psychological, environmental, social and biological influences. Poor body image and low self esteem are key factors in the development of eating disorders and social and cultural pressures are strong in this area. Body image is a key part of our sense of identity and not a trivial matter or one of personal vanity.”

Beat is the leading UK charity helping people affected by eating disorders and campaigning on their behalf.

“It’s great to see a doll for this age range who is appropriate in terms of body shape and clothing, and who looks active and fun!”

Nicky Hutchinson and Chris Calland
Education and body image consultants
Authors of “Body Image in the Primary School

“I applaud the celebration of ‘childhood’ and the associated activity and creativity which ‘Lottie’ dolls provide; so often this stage is seen as an uninteresting and there is too much pressure to hurry into glamour and sexualisation. It is time we valued girls and their true interests again and ‘Lottie’ dolls and their accessories allow an attractive focus for this satisfying type of play.”


Dr Brenda Todd
Senior Lecturer – Developmental Psychology
City University London

“We like Lottie a lot. In the words of my 6 year old daughter (completely unprompted) “Mummy…she’s nice…she looks like a real person”

Kirsty Young
BBC R4 and television presenter


“My daughter (and I!) love her – we’re huge fans of her. It’s a brilliant idea to create a positive doll.”

Cherry Healey
BBC3 TV Presenter and documentary maker

“Rosie my five year old daughter is utterly thrilled with her! – just the sort of doll we would have chosen ourselves and the sort of doll I would happily buy for my god-daughters, niece etc. I would/and will happily tell anyone about the wonderful sweet and innocent doll that is ‘Lottie’.”

Mark Durden-Smith
TV Presenter

It’s great to see that companies like LOTTIE are realising there is such a vast number of girls who love football. We’re the third largest team sport in England only behind men’s football and men’s rugby. The more people realise that football is for everyone the better. I’d have loved a girls’ football toy when I was younger!

Rachel Pavlou
National Women’s Football Development Manager at The FA

It’s fantastic that there’s a doll on the market which serves as a physically strong and sporty role model to young girls, as an alternative to the stereotypical princess-style glamour dolls. My toddler, Phoebe, loves hers. She has so much fun changing Lottie’s sporting outfits while I teach her some of the moves she might make while wearing her football and karate kits. I hope Lottie becomes better known to parents as their children will only benefit from playing with such a sporty female character.

Jacqui Oatley
BBC Football Presenter

Football is always on the TV in our house, but it was only when watching the women’s Euros this summer that my toddler paid any attention. I’ll never forget seeing her stop what she was doing, sit down in front of the TV and watch, totally gripped. And yet a visit to the toy department of any major store will tell girls that they should only be interested in baby dolls and beauty. Thank goodness Lottie Dolls buck the trend and provide more diverse role models for young girls. I want my daughter’s generation of women to grow up believing they can do anything they want, Lottie Dolls is definitely a significant and positive step in the right direction.

Anna Kessel
Sports journalist for The Guardian and The Observer, and mother to Ella

We believe that strong sporting role models are essential for girls of all ages, so it’s great to see a healthily proportioned doll in sporty kit! We hope that Lottie in her Girls United outfit encourages lots of young girls to get more involved in sport.

Sue Anstiss
Trustee, Women’s Sport Trust


“I love this healthy, fun, doll option that fits so nicely with child developmental interests and needs.”

Dr Jennifer Shewmaker
Assistant Professor of psychology at Abilene Christian University and a leading campaigner against premature sexualisation
Operation Transformation

“Thank the dolly heavens that Lottie is here! Arklu did such a great job that my six year old daughter Ella got her first Lottie last week and said “She’s just like me!”. We are working on collecting them all!”

Amanda de Cadenet
TV presenter of Lifetime’s “The Conversation”


“At a time when even young children are worrying about weight, shape and diet, and girls are getting the message its all about looks, we need to rethink dolls. Dolls that are shaped like real girls, of the same age as the child and doing active, varied and non stereotyped activities, will create a very different kind of play, and free up the options girls and boys unconsciously adopt as their own. Yay for Lottie !”

Prof. Steve Biddulph
Author of Raising Girls, and Raising Boys