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Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas for Kids

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Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas for Kids

Our Mission

We want the name Lottie to become synonymous with the freedom and simplicity of childhood.

We're keenly aware that childhood doesn't last forever.

We want to encourage kids to be kids, to play – imaginatively and adventurously – and to have fun.

Our History

August 2012

Co-founders Ian Harkin and Lucie Follett launch first Lottie Doll.

February 2013

Our first boy doll launches!

June 2013

First STEM doll inspired by Allie.

June 2014

Lily proves girls can be superheroes too!

August 2014

Collaboration with Girls Leadership Institute

December 2015

First doll in space.

November 2016

Two nominations for Toy Of The Year Award!

December 2016

Gender neutral outfits for Lottie, Finn and friends!

October 2016

Four books launched with Penguin!

July 2017

World’s first fashion doll with a cochlear implant

September 2017

A doll house and stables for Lottie!

May 2018

A royal celebration!

September 2018

Doll inspired by aspiring astronaut Hayden.

October 2018

Little Miss Flint inspires our latest doll.


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