Lottie at Inspirefest 2016 - Review on "Bad Mammy" blog

Here is an article published on the blog "Bad Mammy" about the Inspirefest 2016 and five things that inspired the author - one of them being Lottie! She

"The doll that made me cry. I was far from the only one too, so I can’t even blame a sleep deprived hormone surge. (...) Lottie is a nine year old girl doll, she’s not a grown woman with a perfect hour glass figure. She stands on her own two feet and comes in a variety of costumes depicting a variety of careers. So how does a kids doll fit with a science and technology conference? Enter Stargazer Lottie. She’s an astronaut, a collaboration with the European Space Agency and inspired by one six year old girl Abigail whose dream is to go into space herself."

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