'The Diary of Evans-Crittens' goes butterfly protecting with Lottie

Evans-Crittens family loves butterflies, protecting them, watching how they evolve in the different stages of their lives. Now they have a new addition to the family joining them on this activity. It's Butterfly Protector Lottie, and Claire, author of the blog has written a review about it.

They were excited to become Lottie Ambassadors and having Lottie join their butterfly-protecting team.

"Every Spring we raise our own butterflies and moths from caterpillars. [...] We know that our new Lottie Doll will love coming on these Butterfly Adventures with us!"

They also liked the equipment Lottie brings with her.  

"We loved all the Lottie Accessories- she came with binoculars, a butterfly net, butterflies and butterfly life cycle cards.  I think it's great that there is an additional learning element with this doll."

You can check the entire Lottie Dollcollection here.

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