Pandora Lottie review by 'Our little house in the country' blog

Ciara from 'Our little house in the country' blog received a Lottie Pandora doll and wrote a review post to tell her opinion about it.

Her daughter loves playing with animal toys, so Pandora Lottie was a straight fit from the first moment:

"In fact Oodles had great fun playing with Lottie and her toy animals – a lovely coincidence considering that the Pandora’s Box Lottie doll is a volunteer at an animal shelter!"

Ciara, as a mom, also had a really good impression from Lottie: 

"We give it a fantastic 10/10 and highly recommend it as a great positive, non gender stereotypical toy – promoting positive body image, creative imaginative play, encouraging and empowering girls to be adventurous and resourceful and as the Lottie motto says “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You”.


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