Lottie Dolls review by Family Fever blog

Kate, author of Family Fever blog wrote a post reviewing Pandora Lottie.

After a short introduction about the basic things about Lottie, she explained what was exactly what her daughter liked from her.

"So what did Gemma think? 

  • She loves her clothing and her hair – long, silky and easy to style and brush.
  • She loves the flexibility of the doll – she is easy to bend, move and pop into play positions with other toys.
  • Lottie dolls also stand independently, which Gemma really likes – it makes it much more versatile from a plat point of view, and is something I haven’t seen on a doll before.
  • The size is great too – the Lottie dolls are only 18cm tall, which makes them the perfect partner for days out – easy to pack, easy to carry and doesn’t take up too much room in my bag when Gemma wants to run off and do something!"

Kate, as a mom, expressed that she really liked it as well.

"We are really impressed with the whole concept of the Lottie doll – the way she looks, the size of her, and the flexibility of play she allows. This will be a part of Gemma’s toy box for a long time to come and I will certainly bear Lottie dolls in mind for birthday gifts for friends and family members."

Pandora Lottie and the entire collection of dolls can be found and purchased here.

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