Lottie Dolls reviews in Stressed Rach blog

Rach from Stressed Rach blog has written some reviews about Lottie, and she has left some interesting quotes about them.

She was amazed when she found out what a positive role model Stargazer Lottie was for her daughter:

"I loved how I found my daughter in her room before bed time sitting on the floor with Stargazer and another Lottie doll and they were ‘talking’ to each other about the stars and planets. Which means that my daughter is enjoying this subject a lot. She was there for at least an hour"

She also liked Pony Club Lottie:

"I think Seren has been the most played toy my daughter has received to date, she plays with it every night and has a special place at night on her bedside cabinet."

And they really enjoy having different kinds of Lotties to choose from:

"Every day is a different scenario and I love that my daughter’s imagination runs wild when she is playing with her dolls."

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