Lottie dolls review by Mummypinkwellies blog

Katherine from Mummypinkwellies blog is a big Lottie fan, and has written a handful of reviews about the dolls.

She has reviewed Pirate Queen Lottie, Super Lottie outfit set, Stargazer Lottie and Muddy Puddles Lottie so far.

"I love the ethos of Lottie. For about a year I have denied Littlebit’s pleas for Barbie’s and Princess dolls as I hate the hype and the unnecessary body images they portray. I’ve finally caved to the Princess dolls now, but alongside the Lottie doll too and I’m really pleased to say Littlebit has far more fun, creative play with her Lottie doll."

She has also taken beautiful pictures of them playing with Lottie!

You can buy all those dolls and more here.

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