Snow Queen Lottie review by Verily Victoria Vocalises blog

Victoria, author of Verily Victoria Vocalises blog, and her daughter Grace welcomed Snow Queen Lottie to their house and wrote/recorded a review about her.

Victoria didn't hesitate one bit to share her opinion about Snow Queen Lottie. She says it already in the title: "We love Lottie".

"Unlike the other dolls which she competes with, Lottie is dressed as a regular child might be. She has a regular child shape with no make-up, high heels or tight-fitting, short skirts in sight!

Last year, the creators decided to take it a bit further by creating a new range which defy gender stereotypes by exploring new themes and incorporating adventure."

Her daughter went further on the explanation, and they uploaded a YouTube video where she sjares her opinion about her doll:


Royal Flower Girl
Muddy Puddles Lottie - Lottie Dolls
 - 5
Birthday Girl Doll

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