Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie review by 'Serenity You' blog

Natasha, author of 'Serenity You blog', wrote a review about Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie.

Natasha, as a mother, likes the fact that Lottie is age appropriate, unlike other dolls her daughter owns:

"In my opinion this is the best doll Caitlin owns. Unlike her other ‘barbie’ style dolls this one is definitely more age appropriate, I really love the Lottie doll!"

And looks like Natasha's daughter Caitlin has a new role model to look up to:

"My daughter Caitlin was so excited to see her new doll, especially as she is a ballerina an that's what Caitlin wants to be when she grows up."

Royal Flower Girl
Muddy Puddles Lottie - Lottie Dolls
 - 5
Birthday Girl Doll

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