Lottie Dolls review and giveaway by 'Susan Mann' blog

Susan Mann, author of the blog with the same name 'Susan Mann', wrote a review about Lottie in general, and Spring Celebration Lottie in particular.
When she didn't know about Lottie, she just wanted a doll her children could look up to, someone who would be a role model for her kids. Looks like she found the right one:
"I wanted a doll that was down to earth, realistic, would be a good person to talk too and who’d be a good role model. Then I met her. Her name was Lottie Doll."
She likes the fact that Lottie dolls are not necessarily girly, so her sons can also have fun with them:
" Tyler loves Robot Lottie and Lucas does too as she has glasses like him. He can relate to her and didn’t find them girly. That’s what I like about Lottie dolls, they aren’t girly, girly, but they can be. They are aimed at both boys and girls and I love this."
Looking at with what passion Susan writes about Lottie, we can say she is a big fan of her:
"As you can see I may have grown a slight obsession to these dolls, but I love them and I love what they stand for. It’s definitely the role model I want my children to grow up with, BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BE YOU. Who wouldn’t want their children growing up with that motto?"
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