Lottie Dolls review in "7OnAShoeString" blog

Staci, author of the blog "7OnAShoeString" published a post reviewing Pandora Lottie and other Lottie dolls in general.

Staci made an emphasis on how Lottie Dolls are relatable to girls: 

"My 9 year old daughter, Jaci, embraced her Pandora’s Box Lottie. She was too much for her to pass up with her cute cat hat. Jaci loved the outfit because it was something she would wear. In fact, she and her sisters all have “creature” hats similar to the one Lottie is wearing."

She also likes the fact that Lottie is ethnically diverse and can stand in her own feet, because "It's meant to be taken in both a very literal and metaphorical sense"



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Muddy Puddles Lottie - Lottie Dolls
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