Lottie included in Coll Kids Gift Ideas by "TheEcoChic" blog

Calley from "TheEcoChic"blog uploaded a post talking about cool gifts for kids. Lottie was mentioned as one of them and also was part of a review on YouTube by the bloggers 5 year old daughter.

"Lottie has some fun outfits that you can change and pets you can get.  My daughter has been playing with Lottie for a few weeks now and really likes it. She looks at Lottie like a friend, tells her secrets, and tries to sneak her to school in her backpack.  I happened to be filming her the day she got Lottie and I’ll let her tell you all about Lottie and what makes her special; from the eyes of a 5 year old."

Back to School Kit
First day at school with Lottie School Days Lottie X6
Best Seller Bundle: Muddy Puddles 1 FREE DOLL

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