Lottie Dolls review on "Bless Their Hearts" Mom blog

"Bless Their Hearts" Mom blog published a review about Lottie Dolls. In a post before meeting Lottie, they discussed dolls, and how appropriate it would be to give lifelike dolls to children. Looks like she found what she was looking for with Lottie.
Bless Their Hearts Mom blog goes deep when explaining why they love Lottie. It goes further than a cute look, or beauty:
"Lottie has a personality that ALL little girls will be able to relate to- she is feisty, she is strong, and while she may occasionally make mistakes, she learns from them. She is not perfect. She loves adventure and the outdoors and uses her imagination. In many ways, she is inspired by the spirited female characters in books we all loved as children: Anne of Green Gables, Pippi Longstocking, Jo in ‘Little Women’, Nancy Drew and George in the ‘Famous Five’." [...] "She's the doll you WANT your kids to be playing with! "
They had the chance to try Snow Queen Lottie. The thing they really highlighted was her hair: 
"Her hair is lovely and soft, and it doesn’t tangle and knot like other doll hair. All moms just said "SCORE!" didn't you? Anyone who has had to wash a doll's hair and comb it out with laundry softener, know how huge this is!"


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