Lottie doll review on "Tricia's Treasures" blog

Tricia, from "Tricia's Treasures" blog reviewed English Country Garden Lottie, along with Biscuit the Beagle and the Picnic accessory set.

 First of all, it's fair to say she liked how English Country Garden was dressing: 

"She comes dressed in a super cute pink twill dress edged with fresh green cotton removable strawberry and flower patches, knee high socks with pink bows and red Mary Jane shoes."

It also looks like she loved her accessories.

"This set is very cute and will add more playtime fun with your Lottie Doll. Lottie enjoys dressing up her Beagle and taking it for a walk."

She also recommends extending the fun for the kids further than playing with the doll, and encourages kids to do the activities you can do on the Lottie.com website:

"You can check out the coloring pages on the website along with printable award certificates, fun mazes, cute door hangers, calendars, printable times table charts, and more."

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