Lottie review in the article 'Pandora's Dolls' by Natalie

Lottie dolls reviewed by Natalie on her blog.
Being a doll collector, Natalie knows how difficult it is to find cute and useful dolls: 
"They are really sweet and have good quality clothing and accessories. These days, that has become a rarity- "good quality, what is that."
She remarked she always had problems to find accessories which fit the dolls until she met Lottie:
"One doll that shoes and clothing are nearly always a perfect fit is Lottie doll."
Natalie was also delighted with the Lottie's diversity:
"Each doll seems to be slightly different so far in looks and skin tones. There is one that reminds me of my Pakistani friends, especially their little sister."
She didn't hide the fact of how happy she was when she saw the new Lottie dolls:
"A new series of Lottie's were released  recently and some of those are retailing at 25. They have a few more items with them. For example, Stargazer came with a telescope and Fossil Hunter has a backpack, excavating tools, and "fossils." The new Muddy Puddles has yellow rain boots and jacket! I about died from a cuteness overload."  
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