Lottie visits Frugal mom!

Lottie dolls review by Frugal Mom, Eh! blog. Pirate queen Lottie, and Seren the pony visited Elizabeth and her daughters, and here are some interesting things they told us about them.
About Lottie and her size: "I love how relateable Lottie is for young girls and how varied her interests are just like any other little child’s interests would be."
About Pirate Queen Lottie: "Pirate queen doll is simply amazing.  I love her.  I wish I had her when I was a kid. [...] Perhaps being a Pirate is an unconventional career path, but it certainly shows that girls can do anything boys can do."
About the package: "Both Lottie and Seren came packaged in collectable boxes with handles that are perfect for using to house the dolls as well as the accessory sets.  I like everything to have a home, so its nice to be able to simply re-use the packaging."
About the clothes and accessories: "Lottie’s clothing is extremely detailed, vibrantly coloured and well made.  I love how easy her clothes are to get on and off which makes changing from Pirate to Jockey a simple task rather than a frustration."
Overall sounds like Lottie had so much fun in her time in Canada! 

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