Lottie dolls review by Having Fun Saving blog

Lottie dolls review by the US Having Fun Saving blog. Read the review in full hereLottie dolls review by Having Fun Saving blog

Lottie dolls reviews: My parents ALWAYS told me that I could do and be whatever I wanted to be if I tried hard enough (actually, they still do). I played baseball, ran track, I LOVE cars and trucks, I drive a Jeep, I do enjoy a fun pair of high heels but most of the time you will find me barefoot, I am in the mid-30s and in the last year I have completed my 1st 2 half-marathons, I like to play in the dirt, and my favorite subject in school was Math. Just because I am a girl doesn’t mean I only like certain things…and just because my son is a boy – doesn’t mean he has to like and do certain things. There is no need for stereotypes in this world, and we don’t have to give our children toys that are stereotyped either.

Royal Flower Girl
Muddy Puddles Lottie - Lottie Dolls
 - 5
Birthday Girl Doll

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