Pirate Queen Lottie doll and Girls United Soccer Lottie review by The Life of Rylie Blog

Lottie dolls review by the US The Life of Rylie Blog. Read the review in full here

Pirate Queen Lottie doll review: Pirate Queen Lottie is inspired by Grace O'Malley, a real-life pirate who lived in Ireland in the 16th century. The creators of Pirate Queen Lottie included her story on miniature note cards and we read those first. Haley loved the story and liked knowing what her pirate's name and history were. She even asked me to look up more information on her! 

Girl United Lottie doll outfit review: We decided to get Lottie ready for her soccer game. I was happy to see that the clothes on these dolls come with EASY to remove clothing as well as they have bendable arms and legs, so it was easy for Haley to change her clothes. I am pretty sure that this is the first doll I have had to help minimally with, which is awesome.

Back to School Kit
First day at school with Lottie School Days Lottie X6
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