Robot Girl Lottie doll review by Emily Reviews blog

Lottie dolls review by the US Emily Reviews blog. Read the review in full hereLottie dolls review by Emily Reviews blog

Robot Girl Lottie doll review: I was able to check out the Robot Girl Lottie which is a doll that is getting ready to enter the science fair so she decides to build a robot out of household items, a subtle message about reusing and being eco-friendly. She wears long jeans and a light blue hoodie with a t-shirt underneath that has a robot on it. I love how appropriate (but still cute!) her outfit is. I also love that this doll even entertains the idea that little girls can be involved in science fairs and even grow up to be scientists – that’s not a message that most dolls send. The Buzy Lizzie Robot Accessory set pairs up perfectly with the Robot Girl Lottie and includes a robot that has interchangeable parts (So you can take off a robot arm and replace it with the frying pan, for example). This set was inspired by a real science project by a real 8 year old in South Dakota. I love how the robot includes an interchangeable blue ponytail to give it a girly feel. I think it sends the message that not only CAN girls be interested in science, they don’t have to give up the girly details that they like, either. Girly girls can be scientists too! Lottie dolls review by Emily Reviews blog

Muddy Puddles Lottie - Lottie Dolls
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Birthday Girl Sophia Doll
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