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Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie doll is reviewed by Balletnews, a professionally written website offering news as it happens about classical ballet companies & vocational schools around the world. 

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Spring Celebration Lottie doll in Ballet News

On the box you’ll find a story to encourage creative play – with this Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie the story centres around dance, and the box itself can be used to create “Lottieville Theatre.” Lottie’s arms and legs move in most directions – her turnout isn’t great for a ballet themed doll but she stands easily and her clothes are easy to swap around. She has long hair which, if she was positioned securely, could be tied up or plaited or put into a ballet bun. A handbag is included in the box and there are other accessories you can buy if you want to. Lottie is a refreshing change and encourages positive thinking. She’d make a lovely Christmas present for a budding ballet dancer.
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