Pony Flag Race Lottie Doll review by MyKidsTime.ie

Pony Flag Race Lottie doll gets the thumbs up from Irish family website MyKidsTime.ie 

Who did the Testing Fern age 7. What the Tester said Here's what Fern had to say: "I like Lottie because she is not wearing makeup and I think it's a nice change.  She's not too big like a Barbie so you can either pretend she's a teenager or an adult or a child but when you have a Barbie you can't pretend they are a child because they are wearing makeup. It is nice instead of high heels and fancy dresses that she is just a girl like me.  She does horse riding and other sports. Her hair is the right length and really nice. I liked the way she comes with plenty of accessories.  With Bratz or Moxie dolls you just get the purse." Product Rating: 5 Stars, "I love Lottie she's great"
Pony Flag Race Lottie Doll review by MyKidsTime.ie
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