When Elena met Lottie: The inspiring story of a doll sent into space

 As a speaker at Inspirefest 2015, Elena Rossini received a gift bag containing a small doll with big dreams: to empower young women and foster interest in diverse fields of science and technology.

One year after her appearance at the inaugural event, Elena Rossini returned to the Inspirefest stage to update the audience on a journey that ventured out of this world.

Inspired by the Lottie doll she found in her speaker’s gift bag, Rossini connected with the makers, Arklu. They introduced her to a six-year-old girl who had designed a very special Stargazer Lottie.

A short film by Rossini sees Abigail’s vision for Stargazer Lottie come to life, and go beyond any expectations.

13 OCT 2016 47 SHARES

 View the STEM collection of Lottie dolls below:

  • Lottie and Finn are different from other dolls, they are based on the activities of children rather than adults.
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