Stylist Magazine -These Feminist Action Figures Have Been Nominated for Toy of the Year 2017

Stylist Magazine support Lottie's Toy of the Year nominations for 'Doll of the Year' and 'Action Figure of the Year' 

Kayleigh Dray, 21st November 2016.

Walk into almost any toy shop in the UK, and you’re bound to see a clear gender divide; bold primary colours, remote-controlled cars, superheroes, Lego, train sets, and action heroes teach boys to break, to build, and to follow their dream, whatever they may be.

Little girls, on the other hand, are touted bright pink wares, with a plethora of dolls, tiaras, and cuddly toys on offer. From an early age, they are taught to care for things – and that they should look a certain way. Even Barbie, who enjoys over 180 different careers (including computer engineer and veterinarian), is high-heeled and hyper-sexualised.

So it’s unsurprising that feminist action figure Lottie has been nominated as Toy of the Year 2017.

Lottie has been designed to look like a real, nine-year-old girl, and, more importantly, to act like one.

“When we worked up Lottie, we didn’t want her to be just another doll – we wanted her to be a positive role model,” Arklu’s co-founder Ian Harkin told The Journal.

“The brand is quite pro-girl, we’re showing girls that they can do many different things – you know, we have traditional pony-riding and ballet, but this year we’ve also done a partnership with the European Space Agency.”


The result of that collaboration was a “stargazer” edition, complete with realistic telescope, solar system collector cards and a sheet of paper featuring profiles of famous female astronomers. She promotes science to little girls – and she has, most deservingly, been nominated as Best Doll of 2017.

Fossil Hunter Lottie, meanwhile, has received a nod in the Best Action Figure category – no small feat for the brand, which was launched just a few years ago.

Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll Photo Credit Trowelblazers 'Real Fossil Hunter' Tour


While the sales figures for Lottie are just a drop in the ocean compared to the estimated 10 million Barbies sold each year, the inspiring toy brand continues to flourish – and has earned the respect of many, particularly parents searching for an aspirational toy for their daughters.

After all, Lottie doesn’t wear high heels – which means that she can literally stand up on her own two feet. 

“At the moment there’s a culture of perfection out there, with Lottie we want to show that it’s OK to fail, it’s OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them,” said Harkin.

Lottie has so many choices available to her; she can be a butterfly protector, a lighthouse keeper, a pirate, or a karate expert; she can delve headfirst into scientific pursuits, is based on real-life feminist heroes (think Ada Lovelace, as an example), and still boasts a range of ‘pro-girl’ accessories.

Most importantly of all, however, is the fact that Lottie is completely #unapologetic about following her dreams. And that’s why we’re such big fans of them.

She’s definitely got our vote in the Toy of the Year Awards.

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  • My 3yr old has pirate queen Lottie, i realy like that she has an age appropriate body for little girls, and that she wears ordinary everyday clothes (shorts with tights & boots)
    Well done to the Lottie producers, you have filled a massive gap/hole in the toy market!

    Debbie Witton on
  • The boy colours and girls colours thing does my head in. My daughter loves blue and gets called a Tom boy which is is not. She loves kickboxing. If there was a kickboxing doll she would love it so much

    Cat Morrow on
  • A disabled Lottie would be amazing

    Amanda on
  • As a mother and pastoral worker with young people, I applaud this doll. Is there an ‘ethnic’ Lottie represented in the range? Or a ‘disabled’ wheelchair using Lottie?

    Louise on
  • Similar to the design a friend doll from Argos!!!

    AIls on

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