STEM Lottie Dolls Feature in the Scientific American Gift Guide!

Our STEM Lottie Dolls mentioned in Maia Weinstock's Scientific American article which covers a selection of dolls and action figures; which mark a new wave of toy representation for children!

Scientific American STEM Toy Gift Guide Lottie Dolls.

It's that time of year again: Red, green, and glitter have officially rained down upon your favorite stores. Kids of all ages have begun compiling their holiday wish lists. And gift givers are racking their brains for the perfect presents combining fun with learning and inspiration.

Lottie Dolls


I discovered the brilliant UK-based Lottie Dolls a few years ago when parent company Arklu released their cute Robot Girl doll and Busy Lizzie robot. While similar in style to 2010's Computer Engineer Barbie, this Lottie won me over for featuring lifelike proportions — and for not being pinkwashed, as so many dolls and figures out there are. This year, Arklu added two adorable science-themed characters to its lineup. Stargazer, created in partnership with the European Space Agency, comes with a telescope, solar system cards, and a sheet highlighting eight pioneering women in astronomy, from Caroline Herschel to Carolyn Porco. Fossil Hunter, co-developed with the organization Trowelblazers (which celebrates the history of women in archaeology, paleontology, and geology), features miniature ammonites, digging tools, and cards outlining the life of 19th-century fossil expert Mary Anning. I would have loved for at least one of these three dolls to be a girl of color, but I'll offer that Arklu does sell multicultural Lotties that can be swapped out with the clothing and accessories for Robot Girl, Stargazer, and Fossil Hunter. A male figure, Finn, is also available in this line, and can be paired with the accessories from any of the science-themed dolls.

Choose your favourite STEM Lottie below:



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