Super Lottie and Creative Director Lucie Follett mentioned in The Observer

Observer article by Sarah Hughes on a new generation of dolls, designed by women following creative input from girls, which break the mould! Lottie Dolls and Creative Director, Lucie Follett included. 

"Certainly it’s true that the SuperHero Girls range is tapping into a changing mood in the world of toys, a move away from the idea that girls must be princesses while their brothers get to save the world. Last year Arklu held a competition for children to design their own Lottie superhero doll. The winning design came from a six-year-old girl in Ohio. “We really try to incorporate kids’ ideas into what we’re doing,” said Follet. “That’s why we also try to involve female role models in our development process.”


Lottie Dolls Lucie Follett



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