Creative Child magazine Preferred Choice Award 2012

We have some exciting news to share! A few days on from winning Silver medal  in the dolls category at the UK Independent Toy Awards, Lottie has just won her first US awards at the Creative Child Awards 2012 (Preferred Choice Award and Seal of Excellence) 

Creative Child magazine Preferred Choice Award 2012 Autumn Leaves Lottie Doll: 2012  PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD (Kids Toys category) Biscuit the Beagle Accessory Pack: 2012  SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD (Kids Toys category)

About Creative Child Awards Program Each year, Creative Child holds a 2-day event held in Henderson, Nevada where over a hundred guest reviewers (moms and education professionals) are invited to attend a review event at the local convention centre. All products are divided into categories and displayed at various review stations. Guest reviewers are asked to sit and review each product at one station, then move to another station, and so forth and so on. A review form is provided to each guest to aid him or her in evaluating each product. The review forms are to include written comments and a score value based on criteria that corresponds to the product’s category. Finally, all review forms are collected, scores tabulated, and comments reviewed. Based on the scores and comments, certain products are determined to be finalists and receive a prestigious Preferred Choice award.
Royal Flower Girl
Muddy Puddles Lottie - Lottie Dolls
 - 5
Birthday Girl Doll

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