Lottie mentioned in The Washington Post

Lottie was mentioned in the esteemed 'Washington Post' newspaper, in an article stating how the dolls are normally still all about the looks.

Even if some doll companies have tried to make healthier looking dolls, their philosophy still spins around the looks. The writer, Rebecca Hains states Lottie as a brand of dolls that are not in that group. 

"The dolls' basic story and appeal is about fashion, beauty and physical appearance, at the expense of other potential interests or passions. (This, by the way, is something the Lottie dolls in particular have handled nicely. Each Lottie doll has an interest-based identity, such as “Stargazer Lottie,” “Kawaii Karate Lottie,” “Fossil Hunter Lottie,” “Pirate Queen Lottie” and so on.)"

As a conclusion, the writer states that with Lottie, and other brands that are looking further from the looks, a high number of parents will start changing the type of dolls they are buying for their children.

Lovely to read such positive news from this fantastic piece from Rebecca Hains in the Washington Post.

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