These are the new Lottie dolls that empower, encourage and inspire children to embrace childhood!

We are so excited to be releasing our brand new collection of Lottie, Finn & Friends dolls in the USA - featuring some new characters, new accessories and a more diverse range <3


Lottie Dolls are Inspired by Real Kids, and are created with childhood mind! We want to empower, encourage and inspire children to embrace childhood and just be themselves - whatever that means to them :)


Without further ado, let us introduce our brand new range!


1. Always Artsy Lottie

Always Artsy is part of our STEAM Collection - introducing kids to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics! She has short dark hair, making her the first short-haired doll in our range. She comes with an easel, paint, brushes and a palette. Included in her box is 6 of Always Artsy competition winners!


2. Junior Reporter Sammi

Sammi is our very first black male doll, a welcome addition to the Lottie family! Sammi is the School Newspaper Reporter on Branksea Island - he likes to report about sports day, school events, and lots of fun things! He comes with an over-the-shoulder newspaper bag, a pen, and an edition of Branksea School News!


3. Birthday Girl Sophia

Birthday Girl Sophia is Lottie's younger sister - with the same long blonde hair as her sister, but styled differently. She is another welcome addition to the Lottie family! She loves celebrating her birthday - sharing cake and treats with her friend and family, and playing lots of games! She is dressed to impress in her silver tutu and sparkly bag, and comes with an invitation, birthday card and a thank you card!


4. Wildlife Photographer Mia

The beautiful Wildlife Photographer Mia is our International Design Award Winner, and our first curly haired doll - with wonderful brown, natural-styled hair! Mia is a collaboration between Lottie and 'Toy Like Me' and wears a cochlear implant, which is just a small part of her story, as reflected in the Lottie Chapter Books! Mia, along with her sturdy outfit of matching red raincoat and wellies, comes with a camera and the 2nd Edition of Branksea School News!


5. Brownie Lottie

Branksea Island has a troop of Brownie's who love to go on adventures, this Lottie was made in partnership with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts! WAGGGS love to go camping, have you seen our Campfire Fun Playset? Lottie also loves to go Canoeing, but is very careful to make sure she is safe before going out on the water - have you seen our new Canoe Adventure Set? Brownie Lottie comes with sturdy outdoor adventure clothes, along with her coloured scarf!


6. Astro Adventure Outfit Set

Our much anticipate Astro Adventure Outfit is finally here! Check out this awesome white Spacesuit - which fits on any doll in the collection! The set also comes with boots and a helmet, and some self-adhesive glow in the dark stars to decorate the room of your budding astronaut!


7. Bee Yourself Outfit Set

This adorable outfit set is for the little Beekeepers out there. Coming with a bright t-shirt, green dungarees, and green wellies - what more could you need? Bee's are so important for the environment, so what better way to get your kids on board with helping the environment and learning more!


8. Saddle-Up Pony Outfit Set

Greendale Farm Stables is one of the busiest places on Branksea Island, so the more help they can get with Seren & Sirius the better! This cute outfit set comes with jodhpurs, a cosy blue padded riding vest, boots and most importantly a helmet for safety! 


All of these will be available to purchase on the Lottie Website LOTTIE.COM now, and will be available in selected stores very soon!

Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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