New Lottie Products awarded Oppenheim Gold Seal Award!

We are happy to announce that multiple products from our new product launch during the Summer 2017 have been awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017 for both Preschools and Early School age categories!


Check out what Oppenheim had to say about Lottie, Finn & Friends!

The Gold Seal is "given to outstanding new products that enhance the lives of children" - and this was awarded to Always Artsy, Junior Reporter Sammi, Birthday Girl Sophia & Wildlife Photographer Mia!


"Once again Lottie dolls have arrived and we've already received happy reviews from one of our 7-year old testers. As we’ve said before, Lottie is one of those special collectables, only 7.5 inches tall, available with different hair color, styles and interests.

Best of all the Lottie collection conveys positive messages about the many roles girls can play. While her clothing choices are vast, she is more than another fashion plate. Like girls today, she has interests as varied as karate, soccer, riding and the solar system."


Always Artsy Lottie

" this season, Always Artsy Lottie, wearing a beret and striped shirt, scarf and trousers, is at work at her easel"


Junior Reporter Sammi

"And then there is Sammi, a boy doll of color who has writing gear ready for any news story that comes his way."


Birthday Girl Sophia

"Birthday Girl Sophia, a themed present for birthday party gifting."


Wildlife Photographer Mia

"For 2017, look for our doll with a cochlear implant, Mia, a wildlife photographer with her camera and wearing rugged boots and clothes for her expeditions."

"You can also find Lottie dolls with the accent on sports, active life, and several with a link to S.T.E.M. learning. For a small collectable, she has a lot of versatility."


Thanks to the guys over at Oppenheim for giving the new products the seal of approval from both parents and kids! 

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See more about Oppenheim, here.

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