Lottie Fan Friday - Meet Musical Lilianna "Lottie Helps Me To Be Creative and Imaginative"

Meet musical Lottie fan, Lilianna! Lilianna has got a collection of  an incredible 15 Lottie Dolls and recently made an amazing presentation about Lottie, at school (see below!) which wonderfully presented her passion for Lottie and gave a great overview of Lottie Dolls and Liliana's experience with Lottie - we were so delighted to hear about Lilianna's adventures, and to hear more about our superfan, Lilianna!


 Lilianna Delivering her Lottie presentation! 


Where are you from? I am 9 and am from Suffolk, UK. 

What are your hobbies? My hobbies are playing Lottie’s, singing, dancing and playing harp and piano.

Who are your hero(s)? My hero’s are my parents (because daddy is a music therapist and helps people, and my mummy is  a very good parent and she looks after us very well.)

What Makes You Special? I am Kind, funny, good at music and LOVE singing

Which Lottie Are You Most Like? I look most like the schoolgirl Lottie with my dark brown hair and eyes, but my personality is more like the rockabilly Lottie because I love to sing and dance.

Your favourite Lottie or Finn Doll?  My favourite Lottie is country garden.

I really enjoy making choirs with my Lotties, taking them to the swimming pool, and making clothes and miniature food for them. Lotties help me to be creative.

Describe yourself in three words;  Friendly, talkative and musical.

"Childhood is..." fun and lively: you learn new things”.

"In the future I would like to see lotties doing baking, camping, cycling, and also some disabled ones. ~A wheelchair would be great"


A true Lottie Super fan, and an insightful, talented and kindhearted person! 

Thank you Liliana, Mum, Jenny and Dad, Ray - for participating in Lottie Fan Friday!

If you would like to get involved, please email us at  'create@lottie.com' with Lottie Fan Friday in the subject line! 

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